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Is your roof up to the task of protecting your home? Find out by calling to Leo Contracting, Inc. Today at (301) 881-1275 to schedule and give you free inspection and estimate. We are one of the most experienced roofing company in the metropolitan area Maryland, Washington DC. And Virginia. For fast response and lasting value.

Roofing and Siding

When you update your home with new siding you’ll never have to paint again.With total siding by Leo Contracting, you can enjoy maintenance-free siding that will last a LIFETIME. You have a choice about your home’s appearance and it’s easy to improve the curb appeal and value.Leo Contracting produces a composite siding solution that has stronger visual appeal and durability compared to conventional vinyl.

The unsightly seams and artificial appearance are traditional problems solved by this exclusive, contemporary siding product. Give your home a brand new face that will last for decades with Leo Contracting composite siding.  At Leo Contracting we understand your need for an affordable and durable roofing system. Although we are not the only roofing company in town, what sets us apart is our drive to continuously fulfill your demands for a job well done and our sincere interest to help you as a customer. Let us help you in your roofing project – from closing a roofing permit to completing a large scale project – we are positive you will not be disappointed.